BoutiqueAds Ad Network


Welcome to BoutiqueAds Network, likely the last ad network you will ever need. While some competitor networks leave you constantly struggling to stay ahead of the game, our network uses a proprietary new technology called BoutiqueAds Ad Intelligence. Let’s just say … BoutiqueAds is simply amazing. While you sleep, it is working hard for you to bring you the best results in the matrix because it thinks and strategizes like an Expert Human Marketer, scaling up ad variations & placements that make the most money and redacting the ones that aren’t so lucrative.

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Automatic Optimization

Advertisers and publishers no longer have to search for ads and placements for better returns.

While other networks can only offer limited optimization tools, our BoutiqueAds technology systematically searches for the highest yields for you each and every night.

Over Multiple Networks

Our network works seamlessly with other networks using the BoutiqueAds platform, and will automatically find you the best performing yields not only on this network, but on many other networks that feature BoutiqueAds’s advertising intelligence system.


For Advertisers

Stop struggling with thousands of keywords, ad groups, placement urls, insertion orders and what not just to find profitable opportunities.
BoutiqueAds does all of this for you. To maximize your returns, you can enter your bids using both PPC & CPA bid combinations to test and scale your campaigns with limited risk.

For Publishers

No longer will you have to search for the highest performing ads, nor will you have to pull ads when they run out.
Every night, our BoutiqueAds system will not only find you the highest CPM yields, but will rotate to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers end their campaigns or go over budget.



How BoutiqueAds Works

Like an army of accountants, BoutiqueAds not only tracks, but also follows the trends of CPM and ROI yields of every ad campaign at the placement level.

This is why we don’t need long keyword lists anymore. It also tracks the performance of every element of the campaign .. from the Ad Creative, to the Landing Page, to the Placement on each Publisher’s website.

Using a sophisticated intelligence algorithm, BoutiqueAds then assigns performance scores to every element of each campaign.

BoutiqueAds then follows a human-like decision logic to scale up the best performing ads & landing pages in each placement to produce the highest returns possible over multiple networks.

News! We now have retargeting also.

Watch this FREE webinar where we reveal how to earn 30-70% PROFIT R.O.I. GUARANTEED EVERY DAY