Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay for my ads?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club credit and debit cards. will appear on your bank statement. Sorry, we do not accept Paypal (or other 3rd-party processors) at this time, however, you may use your Paypal credit/debit cards instead.

Q: What is your minimum deposit to open a campaign?

The minimum daily budget is $10/day for a minimum of 3 days, so the minimum deposit is $30.00

Q: What if I do not spend my entire deposit?

All unused deposit proceeds are 100 guaranteed and refundable for 30 days from the date of the deposit, otherwise you may use any remaining ad credit on future campaigns for upto 1 year.

Q: What happens when by deposit balance runs low?

If you leave your ad campaigns running actively, your deposit will be autmatically re-filled to your chosen rolling deposit level until you pause or cancel your campaign(s). As a courtesy, we will notify you when your account balance runs low and allow you 48 hours to give you plenty of time to pause or cancel your ad campaigns before your deposit is re-filled.

Q: How do I stop my deposit from being automatically re-filled?

Simply pause or cancel your ad campaign from actively running. As a courtesy, we will email you 48 hours before your deposit is refilled to give you plenty of time to pause or cancel your ad campaign(s). Of course, you can pause or cancel your campaign(s) at any time before that as well.

Q: How can I change my rolling deposit level?

You can change your deposit level at any time by going to Payments – Deposit Funds and selecting a new level.

Q: How do I optimize my ad campaign?

Because we work with over 1,000 publishers, our system automatically optimizes your campaign based on Click-Thru Rate (CTR) and Conversion (CVR) results (if pixel is installed with CPA bid).

Q: What exactly is a Conversion or Action?

A conversion (or action) should be the initial goal of your sales funnel, typically obtaining a prospects information or free signup. A conversion/action could also be a purchase, but not recommended, because prospects rarely purchase right away. Your initial goal of a smart ad campaign should be to initiate a relationship with your prospect rather than securing a sale.

Q: What is a Conversion Pixel?

A conversion pixel is a 1×1 invisible image tag that you should place on your Thank you page after a prospect subscribes or signs up. You can find the proper pixel code to use on your Bids and Budget page at the end of your campaign creation wizard.

Q: Why should I bid both PPC and CPA? .. isnt just PPC cheaper than both?

Maybe cheaper per click, but not cheaper per conversion. Your bidding strategy should encompass both PPC and CPA bids for best results. Our system uses artifical intelligence to test your ads with PPC bids, but then looks for placements with the highest CPA conversions. When you set both bids, our system will test different placements and reward the publishers where the CPA conversion happened. In return, the publisher will automatically reward you with more traffic from the same location you received a conversion.

Q: Doesnt that mean I will be getting double-billed for PPC clicks and CPA conversions?

No. Rest assured, you will never be double-billed for both CPA and PPC bids. At the point of each conversion/action, you will automatically receive a rebate for any previously paid clicks to that placement in the current period up to the amount of your CPA bid.

Q: So what is the best Bidding Strategy?

First, make sure your conversion pixel is installed as previously stated and you have at least 2-3 ad creatives in each ad size. We recommend starting off with both a high-enough PPC bid to get 300-500 clicks and a high CPA bid. Then start lowering your PPC bid down slowly to the minimum, but keep your CPA bid high (or even increase it). What this will do, is slow down publishers where you are not getting conversions, while keeping the highest converting publisher placements. If you start off with your PPC bid too low, then it may take a very long time to get enough clicks for the system to find any conversions.

Q: What is your Frequency Capping? Will I be charged for duplicate clicks?

A: Our Frequency Cap is set standard to 1/24. Meaning, you will only ever be charged for one (1) click per IP address every 24 hours. Even when retargeting within 24 hours is used, you may receive more clicks from the same IP address within a 24-hour period, but you will only be charged for the initial (1) click.

Q: Why does my ad campaign show more clicks than my stats software shows as visitors?

A: Clicks vs Visits. Our system can only count how many times your ad was actually clicked and sent to your landing page(s), while Analytics software usually tracks visits to your website. There is an important distinction between visits and clicks, which often explains the discrepancies between these two metrics. A difference of 10 to 20 percent between Clicks and Visits is normal in the industry.

Some Common Factors that cause differences between Clicks vs Visits:
1. Browser/Javascript and Cookies. Most anaylytics programs require javascript and cookies to be enabled before the visit is registered. While most browsers offer javascript, newer browsers now have 3rd-party cookies turned off as part of Do-Not-Track.
2. Server Issues. Server latency or unresponsiveness may contribute to tracking problems and visitors may navigate away before the visitor tracking code executes.
3. User Abandonment. A visitor may click on your advertisement, but prevent the page from fully loading by navigating to another page or by pressing the browsers Stop button.
4. Browser Security Preferences. Visitors may have set their preferences to opt out of being 3rd-party tracking but still be targeted and measured by our system.
5. Affiliate/CPA Networks. Many CPA networks disregard and/or redirect clicks that do not comform to their clients ideal subscribers. For example, CPA networks may completely disregard clicks from certain countries, devices or even date/time frames. Make sure your Ad Campaign Targeting falls within the limits specified by your CPA Network.

Q: How can I find out the nature of my discrepancy if over 20 percent?

A: We can assure you we are not reporting anything that our analytics system did not actually count as a first-hand witness to and our system pro-actively filters duplicates, proxies, spiders, bots and other invalid clicks. The best way to research any discrepancy is to compare detailed click logs to your server logs. We are among the few ad networks that provide a running Click Log with the most recent clicks for you to compare to your Server logs. You can find your most recent Click log by clicking on your Ad Campaign and then find the link to your Click Log.

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