Publisher Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How and When do I get paid? Is there a minimum?

Earnings are estimated throughout the month and posted by the 5th of following month for withdrawal. At that time, you can withdraw your earnings to paypal or direct deposit to your bank via ACH/eCheck by going to Payments – Withdraw Earnings ($50 minimum)

Q: Where do I enter my Paypal Address or banking information?

When you reach a minimum of $50 and desire to withdraw your earnings, Goto Payments – Withdraw Earnings and the following screen will ask you for your paypal email address or bank information.

Q: Can you pay me on a CPM basis (ie cost per 1000 impressions)?

Unfortunately, publishers can load up pages with too many ads and place blocks very low on a page where advertisers would never get much attention. This is why most advertisers prefer to bid per click to ensure they at least receive a real human visitor to their website for their bid price. However, our network uses artificial intelligence to match your website with the highest paying ads per 1000 impressions (known as eCPM) based on Click-Thru Rate (CTR), advertiser bid pricing and resulting conversion data.

Q: How do I increase earnings from my website(s)?

Our system automatically learns which ads respond best to your audience and produce the highest earnings for you. However, you can increase your earnings by placing the ad block above the fold in an area where ads will receive the most attention. However, you may NOT overlay ads over any video or other website content.

Q: How do I receive more relevant ads to my website content?

Our network uses artificial intelligence to match your website with the highest paying ads per 1000 impressions (known as eCPM) based on Click-Thru Rate (CTR), advertiser bid pricing and resulting conversion data. To accomplish this, during your zones learning curve, our system will test ads within your chosen market vertical, related market verticals, or related demographics and other methods. Due to the nature of this optimization method, you will likely see ads on your website that may appear irrelevant to your chosen market vertical, especially while our system is testing various ads to maximize your effective CPM yield. Please do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal behaviour for our system as it tries to find the ads that attract the highest yields for your website.

Q: What if I see ads that I do not want on my website?

If for any reason you see an ad that is inappropriate for your websites audiences, you can block it using the Report Ad link underneath the ad zone on your website once it appears. Please note that you must be logged in to your publisher account on the same computer in order to see the Report Ad link underneath your ads.

Q: What is the Alternative Ads Iframe option on the targeting page?

In the event there are no paid ads available targeting visitors from their country of origin, our system can show an Alternative IFRAME in the exact dimensions of your chosen zone size. Simply create an small html page that will show alternative ads on your server in the proper dimensions of your ad zone and provide us the URL to that page.

Q: What happens if I click on ads from my own website?

Do not click on any ads yourself. If you do, the system may filter out self-clicks, but will flag your account for investigation if it happens more than once or twice. Also, you may not ask or incentivize others to click on your ads either.

Q: Can I send paid traffic to my pages?

Only if traffic arrives to your page knowlingly and voluntarily. If someone clicked on an ad or other link to knowingly arrive at your page, then that is fine. Traffic which is blind, forced or involuntary, such as popups, popunders, interstitials (ie adfly) is a violation of our terms and earnings from this type of traffic are subject to forfeiture.

Q: Are frames or proxy use allowed?

Ads that are served using frames, scripts, proxies, VPNs, TORs, anonymity networks, hosting accounts or any other method used to obfiscate the source of your traffic are a violation of our terms, and may be filtered, reversed or subject to termination. All traffic/referral sources must be verifiable to protect our advertisers against invalid clicks and/or fraud. Proxy websites you may own are allowed as long as the ads and subsequent clicks occur in front of your firewall.

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